Occupational Accident Insurance


Companies who contract with independent contractors and owner-operators Occupational Accident Insuranceexpose themselves to a multitude of risks when they do not sponsor insurance programs for their independent contractors. Independent contractors are generally excluded from a company’s Worker’s Compensation policy, and individual Worker’s compensation coverage is often too expensive or unavailable. A serious accident could leave a company liable for losses. Independent Contractors’ Occupational Accident Insurance with Insurance Administrators, Inc. enables companies to offer their qualified contractors insurance coverage.

Occupational Accident Insurance


Value to Companies:

  • Covers a company from possible loss in the event of a serious independent contractor accident.
  • Offers an excellent benefit to attract and retain dependable independent contractors.
  • Eliminates complicated administration by offering independent contractors the opportunity to pay premiums through contract or leasing fees.

Value to the Independent Contractors:

  • Provides independent contractors and families with coverage for losses, including medical expenses and disability, that may follow accidents.
  • Provides benefits directly to the independent contractor or their survivors.

Key Program Benefits:

  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Accidental Dismemberment Benefit
  • Accidental Medical Expense Benefit
  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Continuous Total Disability

Customized coverage to include optional benefits that address the wide range of industries’ risks: Non-Occupational Accidents, Passenger Accidents, Contingent Liability, and others.

Who Should Consider Occupational Accident Insurance?

Independent contractors, Owner-operators, and any company that relies on them.

Occupational Accident Insurance